With the capillary rise method it is possible to measure the interfacial tension of, for example, partially condensed gas mixtures against the correponding gas phase at high pressures and usually low temperatures.  At pressures up to 10.000 psi and temperatures up to 200°C, the interfacial tension between fluid and liquid phase can be measured in the two-phase region of mixtures of one or more components. Different capillary diameters arranged next to each other in the high-pressure view cell lead to a high accuracy of the measurement results.


Maximum working pressure               10.000 psi  (690 bar)


Maximum cell temperature               200°C


Optical diameter                             1/2" (18mm)


cell volume                                    45 ml


System tubing                                1/8" (ID 1,77mm)


Material                                         316 SS / HC276