HPVC-500 vv

This unit is designed for determining phase equilibrium or reactions at elevated pressure, e.g. in presence of compressed gases, according to the synthetic or analytic method. By use of the view chamber, different fluid or solid phases may be observed, such as formation of precipitates or gas bubbles in a liquid. Solid samples may be fed to the view chamber by opening one of the windows. Liquids are fed to the system e.g. by a syringe pump.

A magnetically coupled stirrer assures mixing of the fluid phases in order to intensify phase contact. A sample of the coexisting fluid phases may be retrieved directly from the view cell while maintaining the pressure constant with

a manually driven piston.

Maximum working pressure               7250 psi  (500 bar)


Maximum cell temperature                180°C


Optical diameter                             1/2" (18mm)


cell volume                                    45 ml


System tubing                                1/8" (ID 1,77mm)


Material                                         316 SS