C-Image – Investigation on offshore oil spills


Eurotechnica contributes to a global joint research network by providing thermophysical properties of the three-phase system “sea water – crude oil – methane” including also dispersants commonly applied in oil spills. The main focus is on investigating fluid dynamic details of the catastrophe of the deep water horizon in 2010. Properties like interfacial tension, diffusivity, mixture density and viscosity are decisive to be known under the real conditions of pressure and temperature.


An equipment from Eurotechnica is used to investigate behaviour of rising drops of live oil in sea water.


In another equipment, nucleation of methane in gas saturated oil drops is observed:




S. Pesch, P. Jaeger, A. Jaggi, K. Malone, M. Hoffmann, D. Krause, T.B.P. Oldenburg, M. Schlüter: Rise Velocity of Live-Oil Droplets in Deep-Sea Oil Spills, Environm. Eng. Sci. 35 (2018) 4, 289-299.