Research projects

Eurotechnica has a strong team in scientific research putting a great effort in being present in the first line and pushing technical limits towards new dimensions. In various individual and joint research projects, Eurotechnica has contributed and is contributing to development of innovative processes and methods. In this way, we can guarantee our clients to provide them with the latest state of the art in our services and equipment.




A selection of current research projects is presented here:




1. Multiscale Modelling of Multiphase Reactors (Multi-Phase)


BMBF-collaborative project (FKZ: 033RC1102), 2011 – 2015




2. Scaleable HPC-Software for MD Simulations in Chemical Industry - SkaSim


BMBF-collaborative project (FKZ: 01IH13005J), 2013 – 2016




3. Effect of Minor Compounds in CO2-Flows Separated from Diverse Emittents of a Regional Cluster on Transport, Injection and Storage - CLUSTER


BMWi-collaborative project (FKZ: 03ET7031G), 2015 - 2018